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Technology innovation is no longer a "nice to have" but a strategic imperative that is a vital part of decisions being made today. With the right approach, companies can use innovative technologies to create rapid response today, shape the journey to the future, and set tomorrow’s standard.


IT Infrastructure Support

IT Infrastructure has evolved, moving from hardware-oriented configurations to software-based intelligent automation-enabled environments.  

Our team can help design & tune database workloads to simplify integration and keep your environment running as efficiently as possible.  We can support your digital transformation with expertise and solutioning designed to accelerate your return on investment in database technologies.  SourceFly provides the expertise your organization needs to ensure an exceptional customer experience as there is a direct correlation between IT infrastructure performance and business performance.  We can provide general consulting services across your enterprise infrastructure, specializing in the following areas.


  • Cloud and Data Center Support

  • Desktop Support

  • Database Platforms

  • Network Administration and Engineering

  • Systems Administration and Engineering

Software Development 

Software Development methods are quickly evolving, leveraging cloud innovation, automation, and low code to rapidly produce new software solutions.  

Whether it’s re-engineering a legacy application or designing an enterprise-wide application, our team members have experience applying assessments, using tools, and leveraging processes that help to facilitate the most efficient and lowest risk software solutions.  SourceFly has an extensive network of proven developers with relevant experience in public and private sectors.  We also can provide access to subject matter expertise for rapid scale development initiatives.  Our network stretches across the entire software development cycle, but we specialize in the following areas.

  • Application Development
    (Enterprise / Frontend / Backend / Full-Stack)

  • Quality Assurance 

  • Program and Project Development

  • Agile Development

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Data Science

Data is driving decision-making across innovative organizations throughout the world. 

Through the use of advanced tools, big data challenges are being solved and complex data sets are being simplified to deliver real-time insights.  It is an exciting time to work in Data and Advanced Analytics.   SourceFly has a trusted network of Data Scientists and related Technologists who understand critical decision-making trends skills and know how to harness the latest technologies to build innovative solutions.  We provide general Data Science consulting services, primarily focusing on following areas.


  • Advanced Analytics

  • Data Engineering

  • Enterprise Architecture 

  • Technology Specialized Roles


Cybersecurity has become essential in today’s
digital environment.  

​This has been proven across all industries as we continue to see new threats emerge.   SourceFly works in support of your integrated security architecture, infrastructure, applications and systems by providing access to in demand technologists and subject matter expertise.  Our delivery network can support a wide range of general cybersecurity areas.  Our engagements are primarily in the following areas of specialization.

  • Security Operations Center (SOC) /
    Network Operations Center (NOC) Support

  • Information Systems Security Officers / Information Systems Security Engineers 

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance

  • Advanced Networking and Communications

  • Secure DevOps

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