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Who We Are

Originating from a customer relationship in 2008, Cindy began providing David with digital design and related strategic marketing and communications services.  David continued leveraging Cindy’s graphic design expertise as he led and grew teams focused on providing Federal contracting technology services across multiple organizations, making several referrals to his partners and customers who needed creative design expertise to promote their businesses.  

Through the years a trusted relationship had developed, and it became clear that there was an intersect between creative design and technology services, considering that technology companies and federal systems integrators have a need for both services.   Recognizing that these two services can be joined together to help customers drive, showcase, and support their innovative mission objectives across the public and private sectors, a company was born: SourceFly. 

SourceFly was founded to deliver a higher level of operational efficiency and innovation support.  We want to build and  advance solutions designed to attract, retain, develop and promote a superior workforce, while creatively marketing the products and services developed by our customers, through an effective visual communications strategy.

Today, we are positioned to provide efficient in-demand technology innovation support as well as creative digital and print media design services for corporate marketing and government contracting proposal activity.

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Who Are We
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